The Qual Chem System of car wash chemistry uses just three products to create all of the cleaning applications needed for your car wash.

How it Works

Rather than sell you a separate drum for each application (high ph presoak, low ph presoak, CTAs, etc), we’ll create the applications on site using unique blends of Q Clean, Q Enhance High, and Q Enhance Low.

Benefit #1: Reduced Chemical Inventory

The most obvious benefit is a huge reduction in inventory. You’ll no longer need to stock and keep inventory of 6-8 SKUs, making your stock room cleaner and placing orders easy.

Benefit #2: Increased Control & Flexibility

With the Qual Chem system, you aren’t limited to the performance of the product dictated by the manufacturer. Want more cleaning power for tough winter conditions? No problem. Want to increase your foam “show”? Easy fix.

Benefit #3: No Side Effects

Unlike one-drum applications, the Qual Chem System allows you to increase foam, without wasting expensive cleaning builders. You can also increase cleaning power without also creating a mountain of foam that is impossible to rinse. In short, you get the application you want, without the side effects.

Want Even More Power?

Take advantage of our line of 2X products to make The Qual Chem System even more efficient.


Will the Qual Chem System work with my existing dispensing system?

YES! The Qual Chem System works well with any dispensing system.

Will the Qual Chem System work in my region of the country?

YES! The Qual Chem system has proven effective all over the world. Not only will it work, but it will give you greater control to address the specific needs of your region or climate.

Find out what Qual Chem® can do for your car wash.