Pricing Luminaura Appropriately

“How much should I charge for Luminaura?”

Just like menu design, pricing is something that is very unique to different car wash models and locations. With that said, we believe everyone can agree that they would like to increase their average ticket.

Stagnant Pricing & Price Anchors

Stagnant Pricing

Before we cover pricing, let’s first take a look at two existing struggles in the car washing industry.

The first struggle is stagnant pricing. Growing competition in the industry has been great for consumers as the quality of car washes has increased, while prices have remained flat or even decreased. As operators, we know we will eventually need to reverse this trend.

Price Anchors

Let’s face it. There’s only so much you can charge for Hot Wax. The market price has already been set for existing applications and it’s hard to charge $5 when competitors down the street sell the same thing for $2.

How Can Luminaura Help?

Q Luminaura provides the new product you need to fight stagnant pricing and price anchors. It’s brand new and delivers an experience that is new for customers. Win/win!

“So How Much Should I Charge?”

Most operators are charging an additional $4-5 for Luminaura either through a new top package or a la carte offering. However, we also have customers charging much, much more as they can now offer customers a hand wax quality wash without the wait.

Remember, you can always reduce a price point. However, once the anchor is set it’s difficult to make increases.