LUMINAURA is a revolutionary breakthrough in car wash technology, delivering the soft, smooth feel, and deep reflective shine of a hand wax— all as an on-line application. Quite simply, we believe LUMINAURA is the ultimate extra service product available to the car wash industry.


Unlike other hard cure applications, the soft cure of Luminaura eliminates fears of build-up. With each application, the desired results get better and better.


By clearing embedded contaminants and creating a smooth surface, you will see noticeably drier cars at the end of the tunnel.


Future cleanings become much easier as Luminaura 2.0 creates a protective surface that doesn’t allow bird droppings and bugs to adhere directly to the surface.


Luminaura provides noticeable results that customers can see and feel which drives increased extra service revenue.


The Safer Clay Bar Effect

Every great process begins by laying a foundation for success.

In the express car washing industry, delivering high gloss finishes and protection at the end of the tunnel starts with deep cleaning at the entrance.

Luminaura 1.0 is formulated to create the optimal surface by providing a clay bar
effect that removes oxidized metals, concrete dusts and other hard contaminants that get embedded on the vehicle surface, without the fear of creating micro scratches.

With an application of Luminaura 1.0, vehicles will have the foundation needed for success.


Paint Polish For High Shine

Follow up the clean foundation created from Luminaura 1.0 with Luminaura TF, our premium paint and clear coat polish.

Every customer loves to see the shine of their vehicle that returns after washing and Luminaura TF provides the mirror-finish that will have them returning for more.

The fresh lemon mojito fragrance and foam show enhance the wash experience for your customers.


A Shine You Can Feel

Luminaura 2.0 was designed to deliver the soft, silky smooth showroom feel of a brand new vehicle.

This sealant provides premium protection for the vehicle’s surface from ultraviolet rays from the sun as well as common contaminants in rainwater. 

Customers will love the hydrophobic properties of Luminaura 2.0 that provide noticeable water repellency.

Finally, the soft cure design eliminates fears of build-up and produces results that get better every visit.


Grow Your Extra Service Revenue.
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Grow your extra service revenue by providing your customers results unlike any other product on the market.