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Qual Chem® Corporate Office
86 Merz Blvd
Akron, OH 44333

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How can I request a trial at my wash?

If you have a distributor in your area, please contact them to request a trial.

If there are no distributors in your area, please use the contact form on this page to request a trial.

Will Qual Chem® chemistry work in my wash?

Yes, our chemistry will work with any system.

Will Qual Chem® chemistry work with other chemistry?

To maximize performance, we suggest running the entire Qual Chem® line as our chemistry builds on each application to deliver cleaner, drier, and shiner cars—at the most economical cost per car. However, our chemistry will work with other chemistry.

Do I need to constantly change my settings?

No! Once set to your location, our chemistry provides a large cleaning band and needs very little adjustment. If and when you do need to make adjustments, we’ll be right there to assist you and your team.