American Wash
Southfield, Michigan

Since we started using Qual Chem products in our tunnel a very positive change has taken place. Our cars are cleaner and drier, and leave with a noticeable shine. That’s not all, our customers are noticing it, a lot! As an added benefit, the cost per car is very competitive. We couldn’t be happier!


Riverside Auto Wash
Ionia, Michigan

We are use Q Pro Shine in our Triple Foam and Sealer Wax. Wow, the stuff is awesome! The cars are coming out dryer than ever, they smell good. What an awesome product!


Peterson’s Car Washes
West Virginia

My family has been washing cars at 7 locations since 1980. We have used name brand chemicals from Simoniz to Blue Coral and every off brand in between. The Qual Chem® line of wash products we have used now for 7 years are turning out the best wash results we have ever experienced. In fact the cars have a superior shine and seem to stay cleaner longer between washes. We have 12 company vehicles and are amazed at their condition even after washing them weekly for 7 years and several of our company cars have passed 200,000 miles on the odometer.


Bee Clean Car Washes
Cleveland, Ohio

I was an operator that viewed chemicals as being similar in terms of performance, and as a result, used the cost per drum as a major factor in what products I used. I felt that we turned out a good car, without many customer complaints so I was comfortable in where we were as a business.

A friend of mine began using Qual Chem® and was enthusiastic about the results he was getting. Based on his recommendation, I began using Qual Chem® and immediately noticed an improvement in our wash quality. After seeing these results, I began to evaluate how much Qual Chem® was costing me per wash. To my surprise, my cost per car was less with Qual Chem® than what it was before!

Our customers noticed the changes in our wash quality as well. Two of my washes are only six miles apart, so they share customers. When I switched my first site to Qual Chem®, several of my customers commented that they liked this site better because their car was shinier! They commented on how their cars are dryer and shinier than they were before. I quickly changed my other site over to Qual Chem® as well. We will be promoting our new and improved cleaning in our next advertising campaign.

I would recommend Qual Chem® to any car wash looking to improve their wash quality, your customers will notice the difference.

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